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Freedom Brace

Welcome to Freedom Brace LLC

Welcome to Freedom Brace LLC

Welcome to Freedom Brace LLCWelcome to Freedom Brace LLCWelcome to Freedom Brace LLC

Freedom Brace in Action!

Here's a video of Lianna Bryant testing one of our early devices!

Spectrum News Dayton Interview

Thanks Liana, Utawna, and Sprectrum News Dayton for helping get the word out about the Freedom Brace!

The Freedom Brace Hip and Knee Abductor

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Superior Biomechanics

The Freedom Brace (Pat.# 9872793) was designed with comfort and safety in mind. Our hip and knee abductor was carefully designed to prevent the user from over adducting thier legs while at the same time providing maximum comfort.


Unparalleled Customization

Each Freedom Brace is customized for the end user. In order to provide the best fit device, we use CAD software to aid in the creation of every device. Further, our manufacturing methods allow the user to choose the color of their device.


FDA Registered medical device

The Freedom Brace is an FDA registered class I medical device.

Testimonials from current Freedom Brace users

Lianna, our first user! Freedom Brace, Freedombrace, brace in use, hip and knee abductor,

Picture Description:

This is a picture of Lianna Bryant with one of our early braces.


"We have used several different designs that performed the basic need of keeping her legs from ‘scissoring’ but they were awkward and restricted movement. The hip and knee abductor that Freedom Brace LLC made wasn’t just an interesting concept, but it worked from day one! My daughter loved it and refused to wear her current prescribed model."

"Freedom Brace LLC's design kept her legs from scissoring but unlike other designs currently on the market, their design allowed for more movement while still keeping her legs separated. I did show this leg abductor to my child's physical therapist. The therapist was pleased with the design and agreed that it provided the necessary abduction of my child's legs/hips."

"The new device works great! He can still bend and flex his legs at the knee but it’s keeping him in place just as I hoped it would."


Fiji: “I would like to address my sincere gratitude to Freedom Brace for our daughters brace….My daughter is loving it. Just one day I can tell the difference in her flexibility, especially from her knees. Even I can make her sit properly in her wheelchair…Thanks team for a wonderful product.” 

Hawaii: “I can’t believe this is only $200, nothing in our world (Cerebral Palsy) is $200.”

Florida: “I’m in tears! I just saw your video on Facebook and I was in shock! I instantly thought I need to look into this for my son!!!! I was beyond surprised when I went to your website to see the price! Usually anything “handicap “ costs an arm and a leg but not this device! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inventing this and also for keeping the cost within reason for us. I hope you continue helping the “special community”. 

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